Like a true white girl, I Starbucks, almost everyday. I mean what’s life without coffee? Anyway I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. Say it with me, S K I N N Y. That means no PSLs or a frapps (yeah I’m looking at you fat ass). Soymilk is a good alternative to regular milk, I’m lactose intolerant anyway. (If you think it’s a joke I promise you its not)

Americano – 15 calories just by its self. It’s really bitter so I add 3 packets of pink, idk (sweet and low?) and a splash of soymilk to cut the bitterness.

Chi Tea Latte – Okay idk how many calories nor do I care, ITS AHHHMAZING. (I only get this when I want a comfort drink) It goes great with almost everything. Around Christmas, (when I’m still bloated from thanksgiving) they have eggnog and gingerbread at Starbucks and it makes a perfect combo with the Chi Tea.

SKINNY – Get every drink skinny, because well I said so. Those love handles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, (trust me) And you wont feel so weighed down later because less carbs, duh.

These are just a few no brainer tips, (we’re white girls so the less effort we need to put into using our brains the better) pass these tips along and tell BFF, because we know you will anyway.


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