Alcohol? You mean black out?

When drinking, if your soul objective isn’t to black out, you need to reevaluate your life. You’re welcome. You’re just wasting alcohol and quite frankly I don’t have time for you to do that. (Give it to me) If you get to a party and someone isn’t shoving shots at your mouth, steal a bottle of vodka and I’m sure you know what to do with it.


But you need to be responsible, (what does that even mean) when drinking. And when I say drink responsible, no one and I mean NO ONE wants to be your babysitter. Know your limits aka don’t chug a bottle of Bacardi and expect not to throw it back up in 30 minutes or less, (I may have done that a few times) whoops. THE POINT I’m trying to make is if you throw up, I’m not holding your weave because I didn’t force those shots of Patron down your throat, (I might have but I will never admit it) I would never do that, I’m an angel.

We all know alcohol is expensive, I always pre game the bar because poor, but seriously (I just refuse to buy 8 dollar shots). Like a good friend once told me, (in a drunken state) “I went to the kitchen and since I like free drinks I opened the refrigerator and took the biggest bottle of Jose in there and put it under my coat.” – HeartlessGay He also stole a napkin dispenser, and a tapestry that night. Maybe that’s why were best friends (psycho) because unlike stealing I like to take random black out adventures and not remember. (Safe I know)

1. Don’t drink in excess, unless you’re a skilled professional. Like me, I used to be an alcoholic. (Let’s not talk about it)

2. If you throw up, good luck. Hold your own weave and don’t die. (I’ll be taking more shots)

3. Get all of the free alcohol you can, you can repay them later (more like never) if someone is handing out shots never turn it down unless you want me to punch you in the face. You’re welcome


One thought on “Alcohol? You mean black out?

  1. “If your soul objective isn’t to black out, you aren’t doing it right” immmm basically yes!!
    I love you !
    Alex Clark

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