Tanning 101, shut the fuck up.


I’m here to inform you on the correct way to tan, and if you think I’m being a bitch then you’re obviously doing it wrong. Now sit down and be prepared to have your mind raped. FF3300 is the color orange, your tan should not be. (As a qualified tanning consultant) I know these things. If you stick with me I’ll help you chose the best lotion to prevent that. And possibly make you look better than you already do (probably not) but it’s worth a try. You’re welcome.

UVA – The rays that make you brown. The higher the level (at your closest salon) the better, it means your tan will last longer.

UVB – The rays that make you red. The more UVB the higher the chance of you burning, and that’s not a cute look.

Lotion – Its 40% of your color you get from a tanning bed. It also helps keep you moisturized while you’re in the bed (more moisture less wrinkles) so you get a better tan.

Burning – Don’t get burnt. If you do, DON’T continue to tan. (This goes for sunlight too) Burning kills your natural protectant in your skin. Once that’s gone you’re more susceptible to skin cancer.

Eyewear – As a professional (lol) I’m supposed to tell you to wear them, because UV rays can cause loss of night vision and being able to see colors. (YOLO) If you come out looking like a raccoon from wearing the goggles, I’m going to judge you.

Basically just listen to what I say, and you’ll be fine (probably not). But it’s worth a try.

My Current favorite lotion right now, is the Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer (obviously)IMG_1065


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