How to not be ugly.

Don’t be ratchet. Ever. Even if your house was on fire grab your make up on the way out, you skanky slut. I’d rather get high off bath salts and rip off my own face than be “that boy.” You know the one who looks like complete shit and isn’t attractive. If I ever have to personally tell you that you’re ratchet then your life is over. You’ve basically committed social suicide at this point. Ratchet is basically the culmination of everything tragic and trashy (you). If I say to you, “Girl! You look ratchet AF.” It means get your shit fixed as in 2 weeks ago. If you’re going to be that pathetic I’m going to need an antacid to keep everything down. Go home get a shower, change your outfit, and it better be fierce, then we can be friends again (maybe). I mean no one wants to look like Hermione from the first Harry Potter. I shouldn’t have to elaborate on that, (we all remember) and holy praise Jesus, thank god for puberty. I mean come on people this isn’t just for fun and games. Get your life hoe; if you look like shit I am going to call you out, and if I don’t (someone will). Get it together before, or (I probably will) ruin your social life. You’re welcome. 

And if you must look ratchet, sometimes your ‘re bloated and sweat pants are all that fit or school is over whelming. Well then, these are some looks that you can go by and get away with it.


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