Lotion update


It’s nearing the end of the year, and for a tanning consultant that means lotions. I have in my salon two of the newest 2014 lotions, called Elusive and Adore. These lotions smell so good, I like Adore better. These are the two newest ones besides the Kardashian Iced Bronzer. But expect more Lotion Updates because more and more lotions will definitely be coming soon.



  • Breakthrough 50X Bronzing combines the technologies of 3 tanning processes: Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activating Bronzing, and Delayed Bronzing—to provide ultimate color development.
  • TanEntice Elixir™ designed to work scientifically with the 50X bronzer by utilizing an Amino Acid to increase the production and distribution of Melanin in the skin.
  • ChronoReset™Anti-Aging Synchronization when used in addition to UV light it can help to restore your Circadian Clock, improve skin’s function, appearance, and hydration. It also serves as a precursor to production of Vitamin D.
  • Time Release Fragrance provides a long lasting effect to leave everyone you meet with a memory of your signature scent.


  • Limitless Tanning Complexe™ features Dopa, a Melanin precursor, which helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential
  • MelanINK™ Bronzer, a natural form of Melanin, helps promote darker color, while Quicksun™ Color Tint provides instant streak-free color with a matte finish for added dimension
  • Skin Activated Moisture™ Technology features a unique conditioning system that melts at skin temperature to provide a moisturized, luxurious feel
  • Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and protection while imparting skin with a velvety soft finish to leave skin looking as good as it feels

And remember using lotion when you’re tanning is 40% of your color and it helps to keep your skin moisturized. So use lotion for a better looking tan, because well I said so.


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