Twitter gays.

One thing that I can’t stand about the gay community is that everyone knows everything about you, even people you don’t know. Like bitch if my dick size is so important for you to know just DM me an I’ll tell you, I mean apparently I show everyone anyway. Like what the fuck ever, you have a penis, I have a penis lets not act like it’s something neither of us haven’t seen before. My sex life (or lack there of) doesn’t include you, unless my penis has been inside of you or I’ve shown you personally, mind your own. If you’re that concerned about what’s in my pants then you must want it inside of you anyway.

Like it’s okay for someone to hookup with 19 guys but me sending a dicture to someone is a huge fiasco. I’m almost positive that there are more important things for you to be concerned with other than me or my penis.

XOXO, Fuck you.


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