What like its hard?

IMG_1699WELLLLLL HELLLO, fuckers. I’m back, and more than ready to blog my nonexistent heart out (schools over and now I have time for activities). The things to come are my new crash diet, being fashionable on a budget, tanning, how to do the gym (because working out is like, hard) and more insight into my day to day life. So once you’re ready (you probably will never be), grab your iPhone, take a seat (fat ass) and prepare your butthole.

Let me bring you up to date on all things that are ME. My life has been a little hectic, finals week fucked me, hard, and I gained 8 pounds. But that 3.5 GPA was more than worth it. I’ve been so busy between work and searching for a new car I want to drown myself in the nearest bag of cheez-Its, chug Nyquil and sleep for 90+ hours. For those of you that didn’t know, I went to PCB for spring break and I left part of my soul (dignity) in Florida. I had typed up a whole spread about NYE (lets not relive that) but seeing as how that was 5 months ago, that’s old news. I moved and got a brand new house, whatever. I haven’t been fired from my job yet so I guess I’m still winning at life. I’ve been talking to the same amazing guy for 6 months, which is a miracle all in itself; bless your heart for having to deal with me.

Here recently I’ve been playing around with some new recipes that I found and I’ll be doing a review of them.

New TANNINNG LOTTTIIONNSSS are here and I’ll tell what’s good, what’s not so good and which ones you should buy.

Let the record be stated that getting a passport is the most frazzling thing, because who the fuck knew that you would have to pay $200 for them to put YOUR information into a little book? Whatever. I’m going to Bermuda in a month, so bye. Hopefully I don’t get abducted into the sex trade, get lost in the triangle or die. YOU BETTER FUCKING PRAY FOR ME.

Until next time, xoxo



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