I’m sure many of you don’t know who I am; well let’s start from the beginning.

IMG_0968I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future.

-I have no idea who said this, but regardless IT’S PERFECT!

I’m Landon and at 22 years old I still think I know everything, but my mom likes to reiterate that I, in fact, don’t. I wish I could say I have a purpose or plan for this blog. I mean I do. But, like most things in my life, I kind of jumped in headfirst and I’m still hoping that someday it will work itself out. I’m just your average gay boy stuck in a basic white girls mind.

“Who is The Tan Gay?” – Everyone

TTG (for short) is an anonymous account I created to essentially say what the fuck I want and after a year of tweeting my heart out, I’ve made a blog. I’ve actually met some incredible people (fellow psychos and people who just like to read what I have to say). I’m still in school (education is key or whatever) and I’m still trying to maximize the small amount of time left in this chapter of my life. I’m a tanaholic, a food connoisseur and sleep fanatic, more often than not I’m unapologetically sarcastic, and a devout follower of the work hard/play harder mentality.

If you’re looking for advice, just want to talk or just want some kind of opinion, other than your own, you have come to the right place! I mean my opinion is apparently highly sought after (I have no idea why). I’ll teach you some of my day-to-day things and I’ll eventually let you in on a few secrets, because who wouldn’t want to know them? You now have a face to match up with the many headless avis and countless tweets, that I’m sure many of you have been keeping up with. To read a little more in-depth about me.  Go Here. Anyway, fuck you (mean it) love you (maybe).



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